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Riquezas de Oaxaca (Richness of Oaxaca) is born as the idea of how we see our mezcales. The idea of the value of the properties that start to develop from the very moment our agaves are embraced in our Oaxacan fields. These properties increase as the years go by and when, at the end of the process, the distillates obtained are priceless.

The artistic concept developed for the traditional version of Riquezas de Oaxaca evokes the origins of mezcal alluding to the legacy of ancient gods inherited by our ancestors.

Amada Luna (Beloved Moon) is born to delight the most delicate palate, that of a woman that desires to taste the mystical notes of mezcal. Through a product 100 % artisanal and the bottles in which it is contained, this mezcal complies with the highest standards of quality.

We have offered you three hand-made ceramic bottles special edition that were engraved with a 12 karat gold imprint.


Wild agaves special edition in 100 % handcracfted bottles

Riquezas de Oaxaca also present a variety of mezcales made of wild agaves. These mezcales are made from agaves found in diverse regions of Oaxaca. And due to their long and slow growth rate in the wild, some might take up to 15 years to reach maturity. It is because of this long process that we discover an extraordinary quality and complexity in their aromas and notes.

Distilled in stills in San Luis de Río, we put on the market mezcales obtained from wild agaves that grow in the favorable regions and under suitable conditions present in Oaxaca.

The uniqueness of our wild agaves deserves to be bottled in unique containers. That is the reason why we also offer you 100% hand blown glass bottles whose individuality reflects the process through which they were made. These bottles have a capacity from 800 ml. to 850 ml. The content of each bottle is stated in the label.